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1. Look Professional

Instead of just being more than just the “corner shop” across the street having a website (especially one that is well-designed) makes it appear that you’re serious and are ready to conduct business with any kind of customer. It also increases the credibility highlighted in the results of the survey above.

2. Make Yourself An Information Resource

If your company is some niche area web-based presence is a fantastic way to establish your name as an expert in your area. Make a blog on your site that includes informative posts that make use of your expertise. People who conduct web searches that address common issues to your field are more likely to discover you. And after they’ve read the blog’s articles you’ll realize how valuable you are to them. According to one study, 61% of people said that a blog had a direct impact on their decision to make purchases. Even if people who read these blogs aren’t customers immediately they’ve helped promoted your company without spending a penny on traditional marketing.

When you can, mention in your blog posts the services you offer with a brief description of your services. For instance, if you are a mechanic, and your blog posts include numerous references to “affordable car inspections” those who search for that term is more likely to coming across your website.

3. You own your Name

Creating a site and buying a domain name (www.businessexample.com) helps stake your claim to your business’s name, and is a quick and easy way to improve your brand identity.

You can also get a unique business email that will add to that sense of branding as well (yourname@businessexample.com). In an year-end 2015 VeriSign research, 65% of clients said they view an email with a corporate logo as more trustworthy as compared to a business with an email account that is generic. A lot of website design companies provide customized email addresses in their services.

4. Enhance SEO Rankings

When you do a search on websites like Google, Bing, or Yahoo you’ll find websites that provide responses to your query. The web is full of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques you can implement on your website to increase the rankings of your website on these search engines.

The absence of a website makes it more difficult for your business to rank well and to get the benefits of free traffic and sales search engines.

5. Increase Leads From Online

Getting more visitors to your site is great, but getting customers is much better! With a properly optimized website it will bring in potential customers to contact, sign-up or buy a product from your business. You can transform your website into a powerful sales tool for your business.

CRM Software In Kenya
CRM Software In Kenya

6. Create A Mailing List

After you have a website, you can include a form that allows users to join the mailing lists. You now have a readily accessible database of potential customers to market to. According to a study, marketing via email can be forty times as effective at finding prospective prospects as social media.

7. Save money on printing

Catalogs and brochures made of paper may still be helpful in point of sale scenarios, but what happens if items’ information changes? It’s much more convenient to keep all the relevant information on your website, and it is more affordable to update and modify. Combining print and online marketing materials will be the most cost-effective method to move forward.

The savings can be applied to marketing expenses too.  A typical full-page advertisement in a smaller local newspaper could cost 1000 dollars or even more. A website’s operation can cost only a few hundred dollars each year.

8. Be where your customers are. They’re on the Web.

The study appears conclusive. The data suggests that the internet is everywhere.

  • According to a study from 2015 approximately 40% of globe’s people, over 3 billion people, have access to the internet..
  • In the US A study conducted in March 2018 revealed that just 11 percent of Americans do not have access to the internet. This implies that the majority of Americans have internet access regardless of age, gender, or other demographics(including those with a high income).

A basic site is beneficial. For many who can’t locate it on the internet, it doesn’t exist in the sense that they’re concerned.

Being online is being able to connect with people wherever they are. That includes phones:

  • Another study in 2015 revealed an increase of 64 percent of American adults have smartphones.
  • A study conducted in 2013 found that approximately 50% of owners used their phones to go online to buy.

Many websites nowadays are able to automatically adjust themselves to work with smartphones as well as desktop computers. If the majority of your clients appear to have an iPhone in their hands and you want to reach them, it’s best to be able reach them directly.

9. Tell Your Story

The presence of a page on your website with a section devoted to “Company History” can help make your company more human. Research has proven the fact that feeling positive” about an organization or brand could lead to a rise in the number of purchases.

This is the place where being small-sized business owners is a great opportunity to gain strength immediately. Are you running a family-owned business that was started by your parents or by your mom? Have you been around for a long time? Make sure people know about it and earn their confidence.

Showing creativity and character can be an advantage that isn’t offered to a large committee-run business.

10 . Create a New Selling Opportunity by using eCommerce, Mail-Order and eCommerce

If you sell products which can be shipped via mail-order, think about investing in checkout and shopping online section on your site. Certain companies will create this area for you. You could be able to connect with a completely new audience of clients who aren’t located near your retail stores. Based what your company’s mission, it could have all over the world in your database of potential clients.

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