CRM Software in Kenya for Growing Businesses

Selling can be challenging! However, having a clear plan, a supportive environment, and ADC-CRM software can help you make it easier. ADC-CRM can help you identify the best sales opportunities and support your sales efforts to improve your chances of success.

Focus On The Right Opportunities

To Convert Leads to Deals

To Convert leads to deals, keep track of all your opportunities and engage with them frequently. ADC-CRM Software in Kenya allows you to perform a quick search and also gives you a 360o view of all your leads, and goal tracking, and these is key pillars of your Growing Business.

Top 10 Features of CRM Software

CRM Software Features

Create time-based and event-based workflows.Set specific rules and triggers that meet your business’s needs. Automatically assign leads and deals to your team.
powerful project management tool allows you to manage and invoice projects.Work together, manage timesheets and log expense reports.

ADC-CRM Software allows you to track your leads from click to conversion. Track leads from different sources, capture them, and identify the touchpoints that are most important. This will help you to engage better with potential clients.

Track achievements and set goals. Notify staff about any failures or achievements. Keep track of everything to grow the business.
Assign task to multiple employees, add task followers, task comments allowed, task attachments.
Create surveys to make your customers smile. Include your question to increase the productivity of your company—the ability to send surveys to customers, and leads.
Share great company events, upload documents, easy employees communications
Engage with important contacts and accounts across all channels. Closely manage accounts for closing deals like never before. Easily find new opportunities for sales.
In the Appointments Module View, you will see Appointments for the month of the present or any other date. Click on an appointment to be taken directly to the record of the customer.
Create time-based and event-based workflows.Set specific rules and triggers that meet your business’s needs. Automatically assign leads and deals to your team.
Create professional invoices that look great and professional. Attach the files and send them directly to customers with your invoice in PDF.
Excellent support ticket system that includes auto-response. Staff notes for private tickets and ticket assignments attachments, ticket predefined replies.
Any lead generated for the company From anywhere for dealing that can be automatically imported in CRM and assigned to Staff members automatically.
Protect your data at the product level with visibility and password protection. Control access to users and establish rules for sharing of data to create information hierarchies to protect information on your company’s account.
Manage deals, their worth, and the anticipated closing date. Focus on deals with a higher likelihood of closure. Stay informed of the most important details about your deals, at any moment, anyplace.
Keep track of important sales metrics. Visualize the data in charts and graphs. charts. Filter your reports by dates. Export as well as share them with your team.
Have clear view of all your company events, invoice expiry dates, contracts expiration, estimate expiration, tasks finish date
Email Notifications are one of the immediate and scheduled actions that are part of the various automation within CRM. They can be classified as alerts or other information delivered to contacts, leads, and other users in the company.
In SMS Notification you can directly send SMS messages to team members, and customer leads, as well as the chance to let them know.
Push notifications are short pop-up messages that are sent to the device of the user. That display even user is online. They are created to draw attention and send reminders, updates, and other information.
Auto Reminders to help keep track of your tasks. Reminders could be set for specific tasks you have to accomplish, like creating an invoice or sending the Email as well as calling the customer.
Customer loyalty rewards are earned upon every purchase, or other actions they take within your Company. With this program, you will encourage your customers’ purchases because they believe that each purchase is beneficial.

ADC CRM Growth Plans

Plan Starter Standard Premium
Leads Management
Lead Conversion
Lead Notes & Reminders
Web to lead
Products & Services
Detailed Calendar
Notification via Email
Push Notifications
10K( Per Month)
10K( Per Month)
10K( Per Month)
Staff Login & Management
Customer Login & Management
Pre-build Reports
Expenses Management
Staff Task Management
Task timesheet Management
Company Newsfeed
Support Ticket Management
Projects Management
Weekly Backups
Notification via SMS
500 ( per month)
1000 ( Per Month)
Estimate Request Form
Email Templates
Activity Log
Role Maganement
Custom Fields
Knowledge Base
Goals Tracking
Online Payment
Contracts Management
Reward Points Facility
Appointment Management
Number of Inodes
File Storage
2 GB ( Non Expandable )
50 GB
100 GB

Integration With

Powerful CRM Software to grow your business — no matter the size.

Enjoy the experience, CRM System is the right choice for you and your business!

Work From Anywhere for Company

  • Cloud-Based System.
  • Build professional Invoices/Estimates/Quotations.
  • Task Management System.
  • Lead Management system.
  • Auto Import leads.
  • Project Management.
CRM Software In Kenya
  • Support Ticket Management.
  • Contracts feature.
  • Follow-ups, reports & many more features.
  • Online Payment System.
  • CRM Logins for Customers/ Staff.
  • Reward point System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer relationship management software is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize and manage their customer relationships on a centralized and easy-to-use platform. By tracking leads and building a full database of customer activity, businesses have clear insight into where they stand with each customer in the buying process.

Whether you’re a one-person business or a large-scale enterprise, ADC CRM platform scales with your needs. You can start for free or request a demo to learn more about ADC CRM features for enterprise businesses.

  • Task Management System.
  • Lead Management system. 
  • Online Payment System.
  • Reward point System.
  • Live chat