10 Important Web Development Trends In 2022

The web development trends in 2022 are largely inspired by the emerging changes in the state of technology across us. User experience has now become a very important phenomenon and it is remarkably evolving with each passing day.

A web developer needs to clearly have a look at the web development trends of 2022, which will help them remain tuned to the evolving expectations of the users. These trends are similar to the trends which have been unfolding for the past two years.

Furthermore, they lay the foundation of the emerging trends in the world of technology, which will define our interaction with not only technology but also our surroundings and world in the coming years.

Discussed below are the 10 important web development trends which can help technology lovers update their knowledge and businesses to make necessary decisions.

1.   Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are going to be an important web application trend in the year 2022. These are referred to as the type of web application which can be built by some of the most commonly used technologies like JavaScript and HTML.

These types of web applications offer the advantages of both the native as well as the web app features. PWAs offer the users a much faster and more seamless experience. These types of applications have the proven impact of increasing user retention and reducing the load speed of web pages.

They can be simply referred to as web applications that can be loaded on any web browser just like any other website. Their application can be really useful in the following given cases:

  • When there is infrequent use of the mobile app
  • When there is a low internet connectivity
  • When there is infrequent use of the web app
  • When there is a requirement for storage and consumption of Big Data
  • When there is a requirement for regular updates and permissions

2. Dark Mode Experience

The dark mode experience has gained huge popularity lately and is becoming one of the top preferences of developers in 2022. As per the survey conducted by Android Authority, almost 81.9 percent of the respondents have accepted the fact they feel better using the dark mode on their devices. Further, 9.9% of the respondents have claimed that they frequently change between the light and the dark mode.

This is now catching the attention of the web developers steadily for whom this is going to remain an important trend in the coming times ahead. We have already seen tech giants like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Apple already embracing the dark mode functionality in their products.

There are various benefits of using dark mode, such as

  •  They lead to less battery consumption of the devices
  •  Darker background makes it easier for the users to read texts
  • Dark mode reduces the strain on the eyes and provides the users with a comfortable experience
  • They reduce the exposure of the blue emission of the light

3. Internet of Things

Going forward in 2022, IoT technology is going to play a dominant role in shaping web development practices. With the expansion of the 5G technology worldwide, 2022 is all about the increased speed of data transfers, increased coverage, and increased efficiency of the internet.

IoT devices have been another important source of innovation in the tech world. As per estimates released by Ericsson, there are going to be around 29 billion connected devices, of which 18 billion devices are directly associated with IoT technology.

The Internet of Things technology is hence proving to be one of the most important web development trends not just for 2022 but in the years coming future. There are various advantages of the application of the IoT technology which make the future of technology and web development promising:

  • The IoT services are going to increase the resilience of the business to combat cyberattacks.
  • The IoT technology improves the accuracy and precision of the data collection process, enabling the achievement of better results.
  • The IoT technology improves the effectiveness of the developers to analyze and study the data and behaviors of the users.
  • The application of IoT technology across various industries and businesses has become important with the demands of increased productivity and efficiency.

4. Serverless Architecture

Server architecture has been dominating the web development industry for some time now and is rapidly changing the paradigm of the computing world. Serverless architecture empowers web developers to focus on coding instead of worrying about maintenance and scaling.

The application developed on the serverless architecture can be deployed very fast and opens a new range of opportunities which was not possible until before the introduction of the technology.

The two most successful examples of websites that have been making use of the technology are Netflix and Amazon. The services of serverless architecture are hence very reliable and, most importantly, very economical in cost. The following is the list of the other advantages of making applications of serverless architecture technology.

  • Higher flexibility and scalability of web application
  • Reduced cost of development by eliminating expenditures on technology
  • Easy integration of the new features to the web apps like analytics, AI chatbots, machine learning, and others
  • Provides the developers to focus more time on improving their user experience

5. AI-powered chatbots

AI-powered chatbots are the advanced version of the typical chatbots that have been on the horizon for years now. The AI-powered chatbots come with the advantages of natural language processing and machine learning which makes it easier for the machines to understand the intent of the users better.

The AI-powered chatbots are a great solution to the need of developers to personalize with their audience. Many websites like Netflix and Airbnb have the active functionality of the AI-powered chatbot, which helps the users to systematize their browsing experience.

AI-powered chatbots are especially useful to content-centric websites where the users have to navigate across the various pages to solve their purpose. The advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence provides web applications with the ability to understand the needs of the audience member and provide them with valuable experience.

6. Motion User Interface

Motion UI is one of the other fast-catching trends in the web development industry. These interfaces catch the attention and fascination of the user on any website. This way, the developers have the opportunity to make the web experience for their users both engaging and informative.

Motion UI adds to the aesthetic values of the website. They foster a better connection between the website and its users. Besides this, they have become important in the age of visual communications, where technologies like VR-AR & 3D images have made it compelling for the developers to enhance the experience of the users through visual motions.

Furthermore, with the motion interface, the element of visual attraction and intuition can be integrated. The further advantages of the motion user interface are as follows:

  • They are easy to implement as it does not require the developer to have expertise in jQuery library or JavaScript.
  • It helps web developers to communicate complex and lengthy information in a visually interactive manner.
  • It provides developers to prototype and gives a creative edge to their websites by adding elements that are appealing and yet are a no burden to website load speed.

7. Voice search technology

Voice search technology has brought revolutionary advancements in the world of technology. They are playing an important role in bridging the difference between humans and technology. Text searches are hence becoming an important part of the web experience of the modern-day user.

As per the report of Grand View Research, the technology is expected to grow at astounding figures of 31.82 billion USD by 2025. Voice-enabled smartphones and smart devices have become an important part of households these days.

All this makes it essential for web developers to cater to the voice search needs of the user. There is a lot of range of benefits of optimizing your web experience for voice searches:

1.     Voice searches provide a hassle-free experience to the users by making it convenient to communicate their intent.

2.     Voice searches provide quick and easy information to the users by providing the users with immediate results.

3.     Voice searches increase the loyalty of the users by making their web experience better and giving them reasons to stay on a website

4.     Voice searchers increase the ability of multitasking of the users as on simple voice commands various functionalities can be followed, such as setting up a clock alarm, daily reminders, and others.

8. Single page applications

Single-page applications can be simply defined as the kind of web application which is not required to be reloaded when any user works on a web browser. This hence provides for the users to enjoy a seamless and natural experience.

Advanced web applications like Facebook and Twitter are examples of single-page applications. The trend of single-page applications is one of the exciting trends to watch in 2022. The rise these kinds of web applications have been on the rise majorly for the past two years.

This is because the single-page applications offer the solutions to the various different kinds of both the developers and the users:

1. Single-page applications make it possible for developers to maintain the speed of their websites at optimal levels.

2. Single-page applications make it convenient for the users to easily navigate across the web page and maintain a sense of clarity.

3. Single-page application makes it possible for the users to enhance their website’s Application Programming Interface.

The multi-page applications, on the other hand, have become very traditional and require the consumption of heavy data.

9. Multi experience

Users these days interact with the applications through a variety of services and products like smart wearables, mobile, desktop, and all kinds of web devices. The web developers have thus the responsibility of maintaining the experience of the users irrespective of the platform and device which they choose.

The multi-experience web applications have strategic values to the aspirations of businesses especially. Multi experience maintains the need of ensuring consistency in the customer journey of any persona. They provide for the developers to build flawless solutions which can be used across mediums and platforms seamlessly.

Optimizing the web application to cater to the multi-experience of the users requires the developers to look into a variety of aspects like:

  • Must cater to the security needs of app and users:

 The multi-experience web applications must cater to the need of ensuring to minimize the threats of security risks.

  • Must improve the operational efficiency of the application:

The multi-experience web applications are required to cater to the needs of a large number of operations and user engagement. They must hence be the reason for businesses to streamline their processes by providing the users with a swift and efficient experience.

  • Must enable controlled deployment:

With multi-experience web applications in place, information can now be directly sent across the various cloud-based server providers. This improves the scope of the developers to have a controlled and fast-paced deployment.

10. Web Assembly

Web assembly is one of the powerful technologies which can provide solutions to the various performance-related issues of web applications. This new language has the advantage that it can run along with JavaScript.

It is one of the high-level languages which empowers the developers to make the execution of the codes in a faster manner. The web assembly offers the advantage to the users of realizing the need of maintaining high levels of performance. Plus, the language makes it possible for the developers to easily create graphics, audio, video, 3D graphics, cryptographic computations, and all others.

The use of the web assembly must be made with the view of the following goals in mind:

  •       It is ensured that the executions are made at near-native speeds
  •       The values of readability are maintained to ensure easy debugging
  •       The values of security are maintained necessarily

The web assembly has hence emerged to be one of the fastest-growing trends ever since its launch in 2017. The importance of web assembly is important considering three important factors – portability, speed, and flexibility.