The Advantages Of A Real Estate CRM Software In Kenya For Agents

If you’re reading this article, then it ultimately means that you either own a real estate business or you’re a real estate agent yourself.

If that’s the case, then worry no more because this article is just what you need to make sure that you’re making your life easy as a real estate agent.

You may have heard about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for real estate and companies like ADC-CRM offering CRM services. In this article, you’ll learn some very important features that you must look for in a CRM software before purchasing it or outsourcing the solution.

Without any further ado, here’s everything you need to know about CRM software in Kenya for real estate.

5 Important Real Estate CRM Features to Consider

1. Effective Deal Management

The first and the most important feature you need to look for in a CRM software is its deal-management ability. You want to make sure that it allows you to manage an ongoing deal effectively and takes care of all the documentation by an easy procedure of uploading them.

A good CRM should be able to improve your sales and the productivity of your company. This is less likely if the deal management process is not more enhanced than manual deal management.

Therefore, a CRM system with good deal management features should be able to do the following:

  • Track a deal’s progress
  • Arrange or set up meetings
  • Add tasks
  • Schedule appointments
  • Utilize the information from deal cards
  • Have a visually appealing dashboard that provides the full picture of the sales funnel
  • Provide 24/7 customer service support
  • Have a real-time push notification that instantly enables clients and agents to interact via email, smart chatbot, or even enable users to choose their most preferred medium of communication

2. Efficient Information Storage of Clients

Having all the information about your past, current, and potential clients is a very important aspect of any kind of real estate business. It is, however, very difficult to keep files of all the clients and dig through them every time you have to deal with them. This is why you need efficient information storage for your clientele.

CRM makes it easy and simple for you by making sure that all the data of your clients are stored effectively, and you open the files of your clients with a single click.

It enables you to find the right fit for your clients, and you don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity just because you didn’t have the relevant information.

With the brilliant synchronization of emails, calls, and calendars, you can easily discuss meeting times with leads and share arrangement details.

You can equally promote team management when you use group calendars to alert participants about the various events that will take place in the future. There is also the availability of real-time communication, which offers one-clock-to-call alternatives and aids prompt communication between buyers and sellers.

Also, it helps to merge the database of customers into a unified one and prevents it from lacking a uniform structure. Doing this will enable companies to make an optimal adjustment to their various strategies for product enhancement and customer or client retention.

3. Better Leads Attraction

A good CRM software should ensure that it attracts potential leads in an easy and simple way. There are different surveys that show that lead management modules like CRM help in improving the sales and growth of your business.

Therefore, you should see the behavioral patterns of your clients so that you can offer them something they are looking for. It’ll save your clients and business a lot of time. And you’ll be able to attract more clients than ever.

A good CRM system also provides you with the opportunity to be able to group together data with similarities. You also get to manage your sales and marketing campaigns effectively while being able to split between old or current clients and hot or cold leads.

This way, you’ll know if the level of satisfaction attained is high or low.

4. Better Process Management

Let’s admit that from talking to the client to finding them just what they’re looking for, there’s a lot that goes into work. All of these make the process a long one.

If you want to seal the deal, you simply can’t afford to miss anything in the process. The good news is that CRMs for real estate businesses offer a better process management system where everything is documented and eventually leads to making a deal with your clients without any trouble.

With the CRM system’s built-in reporting tools, you can closely monitor your team’s performance and identify where they fall short.

Agencies and companies are able to track their performance and set their priorities when they designate tickets with requests from clients to the right specialists.

5. The Signing of Contracts and Funds Collection

Lastly, you must know that signing the final contract and then collecting the funds from the clients on a monthly basis is a difficult process.

Therefore, you must make sure that you get a business solution that promises to enhance the process of signing contracts and collecting money.

CRM can help you in this regard as it allows effective communication between both parties. You don’t have to worry about physically signing the contracts and collecting payments. Everything can be done conveniently and within a very short duration.

Just by clicking a few buttons, you can successfully close a deal and do the paperwork without the need of meeting the client physically.

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