In lieu of factors such as intensifying competition and inevitable customer demand, enterprises around the world are making every effort to make their business operations more efficient and corporal. As far as the tourism or hospitality industry is concerned, we can say that it’s all about customer interaction.

Companies’ falling in the domain of tourism relies strongly on feedback tools available to them for the purpose of meeting customers’ expectations. CRM in Nairobi for tours and travels has become an essential tool if an enterprise wants to stay competitive in the modern business world.

Not only the services you provide would stand-out amidst the crowd, through an online CRM software in Nairobi, but you’d also be able to collect, manage and utilize information of guests for discovering the best means to retain their business. Companies today are making an array of transformations to make their business operations more efficient.

To be efficient, it simply means being reliable, effective, fast and agile. Agility in customer communication has emerged as one of the most crucial parameters for business success.

Core advantages of travel agency CRM software in Nairobi:


One-stop Database:

What would be better if you could have unparalleled access to bits and pieces of customer information instantly? A travel management software can store and help you manage all relevant data associated with respective customers and can be constantly updated throughout the time to accommodate changes. Well, one-stop database results in quick identification of data which further leads to faster problem or challenge solving.

Customer Retention:

As a matter of fact, only 9-15% of the customers ditch or move away from a company in lieu of factors such as product dissatisfaction or competition. What comes as a crucial fact is that over 65% of the customers choose one company over another due to lack of personal attachment with the brand. Also, you might have to shell out 50-100 times the resources if you wish to win back the lost customer. Hence, keeping the customer happy and engaged is of utmost importance.

Strategies & Frameworks:

Customer relationship management software for the tourism industry encompasses strategies such as cross-selling. You can literally augment a customer’s initial purchase experience and can further woo their interest in other products of your company with CRM software in Nairobi. For example, you can include sightseeing packages for specific customers under the domain of upselling. In a nutshell, you simply make customer purchase experience more meaningful while boosting your company’s sales.

Target Group:

As far as travel or hospitality industry is concerned, travel agents, as well as tour planners, can leverage CRM software in Nairobi greatly for the purpose of evaluating the services and customer’s expectations, respectively. You can literally sell your product to a well-defined niche of customers. In this way, not only CRM would help you save big on your resources, but the same would also uphold the client’s satisfaction as well as loyalty. Hence, customer relationship management software plays a robust role around the clock accomplishment of company goals.

By leveraging dedicated CRM software in Nairobi, companies are looking forward to offering consistent yet tailored customer experience across all engagement points with the customers. Let’s move ahead and know about the components of any operational CRM in travel management:

Customer Support & Service:

When it comes to automating the service as well as the support functions of an enterprise, CRM applications do a commendable job. Efficient problem solution, inquiry escalation, query tracking, and resolution have all become possible with the help of dedicated workflow engines. One can even record the customer response and can empower the company’s customer care with dynamic scripting capability.

Sales Force Automation:

Travel management software is a type of CRM software in Nairobi tool which automates the collection and even the distribution of all kinds of sales data. Some of the added benefits that come handy with SFA under customer relationship management are sales reporting, calendar management, activity management, lead distribution, and forecasting. One can track each and every sales contact with the customers.

Marketing Automation:

As a matter of fact, you can even create a well-defined marketing campaign and track the result with tourism-oriented CRM software. Schedule automatic or manual follow-up activities, generate lists of customers to receive marketing calls and mailings and more, can easily be done by travel industry CRM software solution.

You can even integrate an internet personalization tool for the purpose of tracking the behavior of customers on the website, this result in enhanced tailoring of contact experience. Marketing automation under CRM software in Nairobi also boosts inbound and outbound email and messaging management capabilities.

With a tourism, customer relationship management software for business will allow your company to deliver differentiated service to your clients.