CRM Software, aims to increase the sales performance of your business.

The process of how CRM software in Nairobi works;

CRM software is a collaborative tool. It allows sales representatives to access data concerning prospects and customers in real time.

Note: It is possible to configure the CRM software in Nairobi so that sales representatives only have access to their database but not to those of their colleagues!

After each contact with his client or prospect, the salesperson records the report of the telephone, e-mail, or mail exchange. The quotes or orders related to the customer are also indicated and these commercial documents can be attached to the customer file. Thus, the entire history of the relationship with customers is recorded, which makes it possible to be as close as possible to them and to best meet their expectations.

Thus a business engineer, after a client meeting, can plan a follow-up action for himself or send it to telemarketers. The teleprospector in charge of this relaunch will be able to take note of the previous exchanges in order to adapt his speech.

Salespeople or the marketing department can also schedule prospecting or follow-up campaigns so that telemarketers canvass certain companies according to geographic criteria, sectors of activity, staff levels, etc. These campaigns make it possible to invite managerial or operational contacts to events, to offer them promotional offers, etc.

For the sales manager, the CRM software in Nairobi makes it possible to know the sales pipe and to set coherent objectives for the following years.

For salespeople, CRM software makes it possible to verify the achievement of their objectives or the effort required to achieve them.

CRM software in Nairobi: connect it with its management IS

It is advisable to interface your CRM software with your management system so that you have a single tool to manage all of your service activity, from prospecting to invoicing.

It often happens that service companies have several different software to manage each process, which implies double entries, loss of information and above all a considerable loss of time. Interfacing with management software will allow you to synchronize data and thus share information with all employees. On your company file, you will be able to see all the data related to it such as follow-ups, quotation proposals, invoices or even payments.

CRM software in Nairobi: the database, a key element

The problem often encountered by prospecting companies is knowing how to enrich their company and contact database. The common practice used by all telemarketers is to search the Internet, in company directories, on social networks, etc. But the entry work to add this new data into CRM is often long and tedious.

Today, it is possible to couple your CRM with a sourcing tool. With a single click, you add all the elements concerning a company (address, telephone, workforce, turnover, website …), its contacts (manager and operational contacts), or even a list of companies from multi-criteria research.

The best way to simply and automatically enrich your database with prospects who are part of your segmentation is to acquire a tool of this type. So your CRM software will remain relevant and your prospecting campaigns will be more efficient.

CRM software in Nairobi, what are the benefits?

The advantages of CRM software are above all economic. A CRM software makes it possible to:

Increase sales through automated management of telemarketing and sales cycles
Build customer loyalty
Ensure better commercial monitoring: actions, opportunities, order forecasts, etc.
Capitalize and archive the data received by the sales department
Share information in real time with all employees (shared agenda, news feed, etc.)
Access information while on the move (via smartphones and tablets)

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