Why does the future of your business depend on software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions have become highly complex. That’s because they are designed by and for Fortune 500 companies and have lots of bells and whistles. Of course, that’s good news for Fortune 500 companies. But if yours is a small or mid-sized organization, you might wonder if anyone up there knows how you do business.

Often, overly complex means challenging to use. If your ADC-CRM is challenging to use, it will not have the desired effect of making your employees more efficient and productive.

For instance, in Afro Digico limited, you have to set up a price list before you can set up a quote.  And before setting up a price list, you have to set up a currency. If you are not dealing with multiple currencies, this seems unnecessarily complex. The Fortune 500 companies need a way to deal with various currencies, but you don’t. So why should you have to worry about it?

That’s a small example of your CRM being capable of more than you will ever need from it. There are other more significant issues, too. Don’t you just want to get your work done in a way that makes the most sense to your team?

There is a lot of competition in the industry, and it seems like the larger CRM players all want to outdo one another with glitzy add-ons and offerings. As a result, they add many features that a small business doesn’t actually need just because they look impressive on their spec sheets. Sure, someone will appreciate those features, but are they what you need to get your work done your way?

Many small businesses want the stability and familiarity offered by a CRM solution, but they don’t need all the advanced features or monthly licensing fees that come with ADC-CRM.