How CRM Software In Nairobi Can Help You Align Sales and Marketing

Any way you choose to look at it, the real estate business is complex. From the couple buying their first home, to the investor developing a multi-story office complex, to the agent juggling hundreds of commercial leases and service management requests, there is a whole lot at stake. | CRM Software

Traditionally, professionals in the real estate industry had no choice but to handle their processes manually. With the advent of different management software, many have moved to a more digital and automated approach. But it is still not quite enough.

Real Estate isn’t Just About Property. It’s About People.

Succeeding in real estate today is much more than just “location, location, location”. The industry is shifting its focus to the customer, placing their needs and priorities at the center. In fact, real estate agents who adopt a customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management solution are twice as likely to succeed compared to those who don’t.

Choosing to invest in real estate is one of the biggest purchase decisions a customer will ever make. Real estate development and construction are highly complex, involving dozens of players and thousands of moving parts. When it comes to commercial leasing, hundreds and even thousands of leads, contracts and renewals must be handled continuously. All of these scenarios have one thing in common, the customer is at the center of the success.

CRM Automation In Kenya
How Real Estate Businesses Can Benefit from CRM Software in Kenya

Real Benefits for Real Estate

What real estate investors, developers and agents need, more than ever, is a CRM that offers unified, automated and centralized ways to manage and monitor projects and customer relationships, and fuel smoother, more efficient sales and operations.

Let’s take a look at how a holistic CRM-based approach can make a big difference to your customers’ experience and real estate business.

Automated and centralized operations

The ability of a CRM to centralize and automate the operational stages and sales funnels for real estate projects is essential to ensuring that every detail is covered optimally.

The centralized database and automated operations of a CRM enable real estate professionals to attend to projects and clients quickly and efficiently, helping reduce operational costs and drive more sales in the pipeline.

With a unified cloud-based CRM solution like Salesforce, all customer data and sales operation flows are accessible at any time from any device. Automated workflows ensure that operations run smoother, freeing time and resources for other important tasks.

  • Faster response times

While in the past, real estate professionals may have relied on disparate software systems to manage various aspects of the project or sale, with a cloud-based holistic CRM, automated workflows and lead funnels enable development, sales and management processes to run more smoothly. All details and routine tasks may be handled automatically, and communications can be automated to flow via triggers, enabling faster response times and higher customer satisfaction. In addition, a centralized data-driven CRM enables real-time analysis of work processes, so developers can focus and improve on what works, supporting maximum efficiency.

  • Data-driven lead management 

With a CRM solution, real estate professionals can create and manage complex, automated sales and post-sales funnels that are driven by customer data at every stage. By focusing on the customer’s needs and pain points, and creating targeted touchpoints and interactions with leads, it is indeed possible to increase sales success and maximize the ongoing revenue potential of commercial properties.

  • Improved customer engagement & communication

A centralized, connected CRM enables real estate professionals to develop a strong, trusting relationship with potential leads and current customers. Instead of relying on manual communications and customer service interactions, a solution like Salesforce supports instant online messaging and feedback with customers as well as automated communication flows to relieve some of the load. The ability to nurture potential customers with automated sales and marketing emails, manage contract signings and renewals automatically, and maximize responsiveness to property management tickets is necessary to build and maintain the strong relationships that today’s real estate customers demand.

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