Web Development

1. Small Business Web Development Builds Credibility

As a small business, you need to establish your credibility before people will trust you enough to buy from you. If a consumer researches your business and does not find a website, they are more than likely going to think you are a scammer looking to steal their money. However, if you have a website, you can assure them of your legitimacy by presenting your business with:

  • A contact page
  • An about us page
  • Past work you have done
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials

By doing so, you can also establish your credibility as not only a legit business but a trustworthy business that delivers on its promises.

2. A Website Helps Establish Brand Identity

How consumers view your business is a huge aspect of whether or not you are going to make any sales. By establishing your brand identity early on, you are letting consumers know what you are all about, which increases your chances of making sales.

However, establishing your brand identity can be difficult if you don’t have very many channels to do so on. Sure, social media may be able to help give customers an idea of who you are, but a website is the best way to answer all their questions and give them the full picture of what you are all about.

Your brand identity is made up of your:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Unique positioning
  • Brand personality

Building a website is the best possible way to showcase all of these important elements for consumers to easily find. You can feature these aspects on an “about us” page or even on your homepage so that consumers start to get an idea of who you are as a brand. The more they understand you and what you stand for, the more likely they are going to buy from you.

3. Boost Brand Recognition with A Business Website

Brand identity and brand recognition are two very different things that many small business owners are not aware of. As we mentioned above, brand identity has to do with how consumers view you as a business, but brand recognition has to do with consumers recognizing and recalling your brand.

You can boost your brand recognition through small business web development by linking to that website in guest posts and comments. You can also start a blog that links back to your website. That way when people read your article about industry-specific topics, they will relate those topics to your brand.

Essentially, a website acts as a home for all your branding efforts. As you build brand recognition, you want to link back to your website so that people can then get a better understanding of your brand identity.

The more times people see your website, the more they will begin to recall your brand. The more they recall your brand, the more they begin to trust you and will be willing to buy from you.

4. Use A Website to Build Connections with Customers

It is a no-brainer that you want a strong connection with loyal customers to keep your business growing. Customers that feel a connection with a business are more likely to buy from and continue to buy from that business.

A website helps build strong connections with customers by offering them a chance to get to know who you are. If they can put a face to a business, they feel 100 times more comfortable buying from that business.

Not only is it important to have a website in general to build connections, but also to have a well-performing one. A website that is centered around easy user experience and personalizes the customer’s visits, will help make that customer have a more positive response to your business. The more positively the customer views your business, the stronger the connection you will have with them.

5. Small Business Web Development Drives Sales

Customers can more easily find your business if you have a website. If the website has an easy user experience and is formatted correctly, those visits then turn into sales.

It is estimated that by the year 2040, about 95% of purchases will be through e-commerce. 19 years away may seem like a long time, but it is not. Especially when you think about how in 2018, 63% of purchases began online. That percentage has done nothing but grow as we continue through a global pandemic where people are turning to the internet to buy just about everything. If you do not have a well-performing website, you will be missing out on a huge portion of sales.

A Website Grows Your Small Business

Small business web development helps drive sales, but it also helps grow your business. If you have a website, you are capable of reaching people all over the world to expose them to your products/services. The more exposure your business receives, the more sales it will get, and the more your business will grow.

“But I don’t sell worldwide.” That is okay! Even if you just sell to people in your state, you will be able to reach more of them by having a website. Who knows, maybe one day you will be equipped to ship worldwide! That is why you should never limit your exposure.

6. You Need a Website for Digital Marketing

Speaking of driving sales, if you plan to use digital marketing to drive consumers to your business, you are going to need a website.

Digital marketing makes it easier for you to specifically gear your ads towards your target market so that you don’t waste money advertising to the wrong people. It also helps you reach a lot more people much more quickly than traditional marketing efforts. The best digital marketing efforts drive traffic towards a credible website or landing page.

Without a website, you will have to drive your traffic towards some sort of social media platform. People that click on an ad and land on a social media page are a lot less likely to trust the businesses than those who land on a professional website.


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