9 Excellent Ways CRM Software in Kenya Can Help Reduce Business Costs

Every industry in Kenya uses CRM. In fact, the companies creating the software for the Best CRM in Kenya have clients covering every industry sector.

Retail Industry

A retail business involves selling good and services. Thus its principal objective is to attract an increasing number of consumers by marketing and advertising their goods and services. It then seeks positive feedback from its customers. The business involves activities carried out by a meshwork of departments like production, supply, operation, finance and database management.

Thus, with the help of an effective software tool in place, the supervisors and managers of businesses are able to set goals, implement various measures and processes and set up terms and conditions to achieve their business goals in a more seamless and efficient manner.


The banking sector in Kenya greatly relies on using CRM software. The solutions in large-scale CRM software that are tailor-made for the banking sector are designed to facilitate personalized handling of the customers based on their identification, backed by their ‘customized’ needs, behaviours and preferences. The banking CRM solutions are designed to have a more customer-centric structure that is based on customer insight.


CRM is widely used in the hospitality sector, mainly in hotels. With the help of effective CRM solutions hotels are able to maintain databases of their guests and potential guests in an organized and accessible way. These solutions can have effective marketing automation tools embedded, which help in activities like auto-emailing, marketing automation and various modules that help in designing marketing strategies for more effective marketing for hotels.

Financial Services

Companies that offer financial services are particularly privileged by the use of an effective CRM solution. The new technology helps these businesses create targeted offers and identify high-value customers. It also helps these businesses to win customer trust through automated key tasks and processes. The solutions also help in reducing the total cost to ownership (TCO) and extend the value of their investment through intuitive tools of customization and a holistic integration of existing embedded sub-systems within organizations.


The CRM solutions that are tailor-made for the insurance sector plays the role of customer engagement domain or platform or a hub that collates customer interactions across various channels with the help of data extracted from multiple systems of core insurance. These solutions also help in comprehensive analytics and machine learning. All these collectively help in creating a comprehensive information file with a complete database for every client.


The success of a consulting firm depends on the process and its operational aspects, other than the advisors’ skills. By choosing the right CRM, firms are able to manage their daily work and have improved focus on their clients.


keep track the sales options, taking into consideration the available logistics and transportation to destinations.