The Advantages Of A Real Estate CRM Software In Kenya For Agents

Let’s Build a Profitable Realty Business

Sales leads are quite important, but no industry depends on them as much as the Real Estate sector. This is because home buyers are more likely to go with a developer referred to them by a credible source. It’s been estimated that 3 out of 4 buyers then stick with the developer or the agent. The ratio increases to 4 out of 5, if they’ve bought the property from the developer previously. Hence, no real estate company can take its leads for granted. Build engagement workflow & improve business efficiency with CRM software for real estate agents.

The following are some of the many advantages of ADC-CRM that can make a difference to your realty business:

Common platform

It’s one of the most advanced & fully-customizable CRM software for real estate agents that can automate all your Pre-Sales, Sales & Marketing processes! All your leads on a common platform & integrate it with channel partners/brokers & customers. A robust ROI-based sales and marketing analytics tool add to the efficacy.

Seamless integration

ADC-CRM can be integrated with landing pages, websites and microsites, online portals, social media applications,  and call centers.

Advanced Lead Management

ADC-CRM real estate CRM helps you allocate leads based on projects, sales teams, location, type of lead, the source of lead, round-robin technique, and other parameters.

Innovative Customer Profiling

ADC-CRM create separate identities for all your employees, projects, customers, and brokers to maintain crucial information about them. In addition, it also helps you manage complete info about your channel partners & other agents as well.

Real-time Stock Analytics

Using ADC-CRM, your sales team can have real-time stock availability across your ongoing projects with availability charts of sold and blocked units with different sizes and configurations. The employee on the field can get the most accurate status of projects that are developed/under construction/future constructions. This can be used by the management to keep a tab on estimated completion dates, floor plans, cost sheets, etc.

In addition, ADC-CRM also helps you to track the status of completed and pending payments with options to set payment types like EMIs, Cheques, Cash, etc., while managing the complete cycle from selling the property, to possession.