Benefits of Using a CRM Software in Kenya for Professional Services

There are many benefits of using CRM software in Kenya for a professional services business. Whether you run an accounting practice, law firm, consultancy, valuation company, financial services, HR consultancy, and other business in between, using a CRM can be a game-changer.

How Professional Services Benefit from CRM software in Kenya

Service-based business owners and their teams can not only revolutionize their organization with the right CRM but also see vast improvements across the company.

1. Single Source Of Truth

When businesses have to consider multiple sources for information, it can become confusing, and messy and make you look unprofessional to prospects and clients. By maintaining a CRM with up-to-date data, you can have a central database available in the cloud, where all team members can access and know the single source of truth.

2. Time and Labor Savings

The increased efficiencies possible with a CRM means that professional services can free up staff from performing manual tasks. They can either get team members to work on other value-added tasks or potentially save on labor costs when automation is in place.

3. Serve More People

Professional services exist to help people. The ability to set up CRM software in Kenya and automation allows firms to scale and grow due to increased efficiencies. Doing more with less means that businesses can serve and help more people with fewer resources to do so

4. Convert More Sales

Plugging holes in your marketing and sales follow-up will allow businesses to convert more sales. This is difficult to consistently do without a proper system in place. We know that 44% of people don’t hire service providers that are slow to follow up. Therefore, it’s important to set up timely reminders and the relevant automation to ensure you are capitalizing on these leads in your business.

5. Get Your Life Back

ree up valuable time and headspace knowing core parts of your business are taken care of. Particularly when manual repetitive tasks have been set up, it means that you can stop working long hours doing manual work.

One of our consulting clients automated a booking process in her business that now saves her 20 hours per week. She no longer works until 10 pm at night manually sending out emails and text messages to clients confirming bookings, and can spend that time with her family instead.