Importance CRM Software in B2B Marketing

Nowadays, to stay ahead of the game B2B companies should focus on developing strong marketing strategy. With increasing global competition and the need to efficiently market a company’s brand, image, products or services, more and more B2B organizations started implementing marketing automation software. | CRM

Shortly put, marketing automation refers to a marketing solution aimed at helping organizations to automate and personalize communication. These tools are good at providing businesses with the most suitable methods for defining prospects, attracting customers, capturing important information on leads, and mapping unique flows through the customer journey.

Importance CRM Software in B2B Marketing

According to statistics, today, 97% of B2B organizations are using CRM tools. Marketing experts say that B2B businesses will only continue to invest in CRM-based systems.

B2B marketers adopt CRM Software for different reasons. First and foremost, a powerful CRM can simplify your contact management, be it leads, prospects, opportunities or closed sales. Good CRM is also capable of creating a single view of the customer, prioritizing activities, and receiving reminders for calls, emails, meetings or follow-ups, which helps to store information in an easily retrievable database rather than having them stored randomly. Organizing your data is one of the biggest reasons why B2B organizations go in for CRM.

Another important reason why it makes sense to adopt a CRM for your B2B venture is that it allows users to access relevant information regardless of your location or your device. Not only your marketing team can benefit from the CRM – the solution will be useful for sales reps, technical support, HR, and even audit staff. If chosen and implemented wisely, it helps the entire organization to work as a team towards a common goal instead of working at cross-purposes.

One of the primary goals of most B2B marketers is to generate qualified leads, which is almost impossible without having quality data on your prospects and customers. Professional CRM makes it easy to keep track of all the data you have and ensure you regularly check and update information when needed. It is especially important in today’s rapidly changing world where people move job titles, marry, change surnames, and rebrand their businesses. Software ensures your data is always up-to-date. With its help, you will not only increase the leads you generate but also significantly improve their quality.

CRM Software also comes in handy when there is a need to measure your marketing ROI. You can use the software to track the first touch a lead had with your organization. For example, if your eBook generated a lead, who later became a customer, marketing can take credit for influencing this deal.

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