Why CRM Software In Kenya Is Important For Small Business

There are many CRM software solutions that are available to help you increase sales. With the best CRM software, you can increase sales & track leads.

In business, the goal is raking in sales consistently. While it’s great to focus on offering quality, converting the services or products you offer into actual sales is important. As a rule, you shouldn’t negotiate to offer quality. Customers genuinely look for quality rather than intrusive sales ads with no real value. So technically, you should rake in thanks to its Feed First feature, customers without messing up the quality of your products or services. However, sales aren’t all about offering quality products or services. Another aspect of offering quality in business is a major player in increasing sales. It’s all about customer relationship management (CRM).


The average customer spends time asking questions about a product before buying. What’s more, they feel appreciated whenever they’re sought after for a review. Now, imagine if there’s no customer support team ready to handle their inquiries or complaints. If there’s anything customers hate apart from intrusive ads, it has to deal with unresponsive customer support. Instead, customers would opt for someone better rather than wait in the call line for hours with unending ads. This means that your competitor next door with better customer support would easily win over your customers.

So, what do you do? If you’re looking at increasing sales in 2022, then you really should look into your customer relationship management strategy. While you can have a team dedicated to customer relationship management (CRM), you can use CRM-based software.

How to Determine The Best CRM Software For You

Choosing the CRM software to use can be tricky as many CRM software in the market. What’s more, this CRM software offer competitive features. Thus you can’t entirely say that software is bad or another software is the best. However, there’s a hack to choosing the best CRM software for your business.

First, you should understand that CRM software is designed to improve your marketing and handle customer relationship management. So, if software doesn’t align with your preferred marketing strategy or is too complex for your use, you know that you’re searching for something better. Therefore, the first thing you need to understand in choosing a perfect CRM tool is to spell out your business needs.

Identifying your core business needs is a foundational rule for determining what marketing strategy or management tools you should use. Think of it this way, a small business with a limited customer base would be wasting its time investing in a CRM tool designed to handle a large quantity of data.

A large business would be frustrated and less productive in customer relationship management if it invests in tools designed for smaller businesses. The first question you should ask yourself in choosing a CRM software is this; what are your business goals? If you’re more concerned about sales, you need CRM software that helps with sales automation. If you need to manage a large customer base, you need a CRM tool like HubSpot with unlimited storage and can reach over a million users. Suppose you need to improve your response time to customer queries and ensure customer satisfaction. In that case, you need a CRM tool that offers multiple customer support channels and integration with other customer platforms.

It all depends on your business needs. First, note that you have to understand the difference between paid and free CRM software. Generally, free CRM software offers basic CRM features. But if you’re business needs CRM-intensive features, you’ll be better off using paid CRM with extensive features.